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VeeSee® Hardware Information is a utility designed to display hardware information. The main function of VeeSee® Hardware Information are viewing the current hardware’s information, such as the detailed information of CPU, mainboard, memory, graphics card, display…; viewing the raw date about I/O, and the data in physical memory; managing the drive to revert files when necessary and keeping computer monitored. Its ease in use interface and auto show pitched on professional words in Google/Yahoo search are both helpful for amateur. No matter a professional or an amateur, they will both fit for our VeeSee® Hardware Information.

VeeSee® Hardware Information Main Features

  • Backup driver and restore driver
    • NVIDIA network bus enumerator
    • Display adapters
    • IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
    • Network adapters
    • System devices
    • VSO devices
  • Detect the current hardware’s information. (Detailed parameters of hardware)
    • Show current information about this computer
    • Show mainboard information, like CPUID, processor, BIOS, motherboard, memory...
    • Display storage information, like logical driver, physical driver...
    • Show network, multimedia and Windows' general information.
    • Check out the company information of the hardware, such as AMD and nVIDIA and offer link to their homepage.
  • Dynamic monitor computer hardware in graph.
    • Computer devices' temperature
    • Speed of fan
    • The voltage of the computer devices
    • CPU usage and memory usage
  • Display sensor icons automatically.
  • View raw date about I/O, and the data in physical memory.
  • Report all information about your computer and save as TEXT format
  • Report current node information and save as TEXT format
  • Display sensor icons automatically
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